How to draw pokemon through Ai


Pokemon is back again

We all know the Pokémon cartoon, and many people loved the characters in this cartoon, and I remember when we were young, we bought cards with some Pokémon characters drawn on them, and sometimes these cards are found with gum .. and sometimes we try.  to We draw Pikachu or other characters, but we face difficulty with that, but now, with the presence of artificial intelligence, it has become very easy, you can draw any cartoon character or anything else, here is the method...

First: You must have an account on the Discord platform .

Second:  you must go to this site > Midjourney < And then you click on this button > Join The Beta < Look at the image below . 

now You subscribe to the Ai bot .. Then you move to a section > newcomers room > newbies-17 

You will see many chats and users ،، Click on the write field and type /imagine

 And write your description of the thing you want Ai to draw for you ,,

Wait for a while and it will give you four paintings and select the painting that you like, and download Your image.

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