Secrets of and increasing sales


Reach the target audience

 The most difficult stages for online marketers are reaching the target audience.

reaching a target audience

* Building trust for the target audience

1: You have to show them that you want to exchange benefit, and that you are excited to communicate the right information to them.

2: Convince the audience that what you have is very important to them and that it is rare.

3: Your audience should feel that satisfying them is your main goal.

*The best free ways to get a target audience to increase sales

1: social media platforms are the best place to reach the audience and one of the fastest platforms in building the audience is the TikTok platform, where you can reach the largest number of followers for your account in a short time, by providing rare and attractive videos, and the video must be very short and full of excitement at the same time, because TikTok algorithm requires it.

2: Twitter is one of the oldest platforms and you can reach the audience you select, by writing a hashtag commensurate with the content you provide within the tweet, the tweet must be short and full of information, and do not put links within the tweet. In line with Twitter’s algorithm, you can put links in comments.

3: YouTube shorts ... This is a new feature offered by the YouTube platform and it is very popular. Similar to the Tektok platform. You can post short videos like you did in Tektok before.

*Keep your audience

1: Attention to quality, the thing it offers must be of high quality, whether video or product.
2: Free gifts, people love gifts and this is the most important thing that strengthens trust between people, *Example .. Give a gift with every product you sell.
3: Provide discount codes if any.
4: Mention the disadvantages of the product, you can use this method with some of the products you sell. Then the customer will feel.. You are always the best.
5: Create a Email list for your audience, age, gender and country of residence, and give them simple gifts in return, to motivate them. To give you this data, because you will need it in the future.

How to convince someone to buy a product

5 Secrets Professionals Use to Convince the Customer to Buy

1: Don't make up your personality and be normal in the dialogue.
Customers like to communicate with the seller to get information about the product, you should contact them and do not use a robot to answer their questions because they will discover that the response was automated.
2: Paying attention to the well-being of customers and showing them your interest
Ask the customer about their well-being while talking to them. This is the best way to convince him to buy your product.
3: Use names during your dialogue with the customer.
Know the names of your customers while communicating with them and show them that you are interested in hearing them,
4: Explain to them that your product is the best of all competitors, and give them the features available in the product.
Always make your product the best, by mentioning the features and explaining in detail each feature.
5: Act based on customer feelings.
Assure your customers that your product will positively affect their feelings.


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