Secrets of fame on Tiktok


How to be famous in Tiktok ?


How to be famous in Tiktok

We all want to be famous on social media platforms, but there are secrets that famous people hide from you. We will mention it in this article.

Secrets of fame in Tiktok and getting a large number of views and followers. 

 If we browse the Tiktok platform, we will find a huge number of videos, but not all of them are famous people. How to become famous in Tiktok?

There are some simple steps if you apply them you will get a lot of interaction on your video & a large number of followers.

Steps that make you famous..

1: Choose specific content for the viewer

A lot of people are using TikTok in the wrong way. And he publishes various videos and this is wrong because Tiktok's algorithm prefers to have your content classified * Example, animals, stories, singing, video games, and there are people who provide content to review their purchases from Amazon, for example.

2: The video should be short and interesting and have a goal
 Tektok's algorithm prefers clips that are short and rich.

3: Use sound from inside the Tektok library
Tiktuk prefers to use its own audio library in your videos and this increases the posting of your
video quickly.

4: Choose an attractive cover photo for the video

There are two ways to put a picture of the video cover in Tektok

First: Choose the image in a normal way by identifying it before the final publication of the video. 
Second: You put a picture parts of a second before the beginning of the video and this picture must be very attractive and eye-catching,,  you can put while editing the video.

5: Use a hashtag and put it next to the video title, and be sure to use a hashtag related to the content you provide

6: Respond to the comments you find in your videos and you can reply with a video and this method is a favorite of TikTok.

7: Set a special time to post videos..
You must adhere to the time of uploading videos on Tektok, and the favorite times that bring a lot of views are from 5 pm to 10 pm and from 7 am to 10 am.

 • (These timings were set by me personally, because they helped me get a large number of views and followers).

What can you do when you are famous in Tiktok ?

When you exceed 1000 followers in Tiktuk, you can put your site link in the Bio , and this is great because you will be able to benefit from it financially by placing a link for your store, marketing links with commission or anything.

You can also make a live broadcast on Tektok and encourage followers to donate and send gifts.
And when you get more views and followers, companies will contact you and advertise their products in your Tektok account.

* (These methods I tried and got very excellent results and got millions of views and fifty thousand followers in a short time)

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