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digital Marketing

* Types of online marketing ...

1: Marketing your own products
2: Affiliate Marketing
3: Drop Shipping
4: cpa

* Marketing your own products

This type of marketing is one of the most common types of marketing .. where you market products that you personally own or store, take pictures and promote them on social networking sites, free or paid

* Affiliate Marketing

This type of marketing is the most popular for beginners in the field of work on the Internet because it is considered a source of passive income ... as it only requires you to obtain a commission link, get some product images, describe the product and promote it on social media in a paid or free way, and get In the best cases, a percentage of profits does not exceed 20%

It is one of the most popular sites used for affiliate marketing

* amazon affiliate marketing
* AliExpress Affiliate Marketing

* Drop Shipping

This type is the most complicated, but it brings good results... It requires you to create a market site to display products without the need for you to own those products.. And one of the most famous of these sites that provide you with a storefront. It is a Shopify site where you can easily coordinate and arrange your site and put pictures, sections and products in a decent manner, but it requires you to have a paid monthly subscription to benefit from its services...
How to drop shipping.. It is tantamount to selling products that you do not actually own.. All you have to do is search the Chinese websites for cheap products and bring the pictures of the product and the full description of the product and put it on your website or store that you designed.. as if you own it The product is already .. and you promote your site to get sales ... and when you get the first order for the product .. you must go to the Chinese seller from whom you took a picture and description of the product and buy the product from him and send it to the person who bought that product from you But you will definitely sell it at a price higher than the price you got from the Chinese seller.. This method is like being an intermediary between the buyer and the seller.

* cpa

It is cost per action

It is considered a passive income source
This work is like commission marketing..but there are minor most of the networks that 

cpa offers...require you to promote the product to a specific country to get your commission..and most of these offers are digital. And there are many details provided by these sites that are not limited to offers only, as there is a content locker, file locker and link locker .. that is, you can lock anything you own .. and once you promote the link, the target person will not be able to obtain the original link before he completes the offer And often these offers are an email confirmation or inserting a credit card or watching a video ... and once you complete the offer .. you will get your commission.

* The best way to market and reach the audience

There are two types of online marketing

1: Paid method

This is the fastest way to reach the does not require you to make a great effort nor a lot of time to reach the target choose a site to promote your product, such as Facebook. You create a page on the Facebook website, and it is preferable that the page be related to the type of product you want to promote, choose the budget that you will pay for this advertisement, choose the target audience and start promoting .. and you get the results from the first day after you post the advertisement.

2: The free way

This is the most desirable way for people because it is free.. but it takes a lot of time to build a target audience
But there are sites where you can get an audience quickly, for example
Tiktok: One of the most popular and desired sites at the present time, where you can publish short videos on a daily basis about a specific thing, and after you get 1000 followers, you can then put a link of your own in your profile ... because the TikTok platform does not allow you to put a link in the video or in Video description .. But most marketers in Tiktok use the bio to put a link to their store or affiliate marketing links .. and to tell followers that this product can be obtained from the link in the bio .. There are simple and easy sites that provide multiple links service such as LinkTree. Where you can put many products in one link and update them constantly and put pictures of the product and complete details.

* youtube shorts traffic 

This is a feature similar to TikTok that YouTube has added on the platform, and this feature is very popular on the YouTube platform, and you can also reach a large number of audience within a short time.
There are also Facebook Reels and Instagram Reels... All of these platforms offer the same thing as Tiktok... You can use them to promote your products quickly and for free.

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