Leaks about the all-new Minecraft update 1.2


 What's next in Minecraft :

Minecraft Live 2022 is well underway, with announcements and rumors about the future of the entire Minecraft franchise.

First Minecraft 1.20 details revealed at Minecraft Live 2022, including camels and hanging


During the event, Mojang Studios shared additional information about the upcoming Minecraft update, version number 1.20.

The update revolves around player expression, performance, and better transparency in Mojang Studios. 

Players can expect new features such as hanging panels and sculpted shelves.
One of the fundamentals of Minecraft is how it grows and evolves over time, and next year will be no exception for developers at Mojang Studios. Minecraft has at least one major content update planned, and Mojang Studios finally announced some of its plans to bring new content to players on Saturday.

During Minecraft Live 2022, Mojang Studios received information about Minecraft 1.20.

This is the current anonymous content update that will be available to all Minecraft vanilla players in 2023. The main focus of this update is player expression, creativity, and creativityMojang Studios wanted to add features that would allow gamers to play their favorite games more efficiently. According to the developers of the legendary survival game, the goal of this update is to make Minecraft "Minecraftier". but this time aroundMojang Studios is taking a slightly different approach to Minecraft's upcoming updates.
One of the biggest changes implemented by Mojang Studios in the Minecraft 1.20 update is the way the various items are announced.

Caves & Cliffs Update and The Wild Update were embroiled in controversy while several features were subsequently postponed or cancelled, including Archaeology, Birch Forest Improvements, and Fireflies.In response to community feedback, Mojang Studios now intends to only unveil features and features that are still in development and not subject to delay or discontinuation.

Mojang Studios can work even more closely with the community on development while deliberately avoiding announcing the full schedule or even the name of the Minecraft 1.20 update, while focusing Only for features that are available to players. But this is changingThis means Mojang Studios has shown off some of the features coming to Minecraft 1.20, with more to come in the coming months. Here are all of the Minecraft 1.20 content updates shown at Minecraft Live 2022.

Minecraft Live 2022

Seven new default characters. Separated but linked in the original 1.20 update, popular Minecraft default characters Steve and Alex are about to make some new friends. For the first time players will have new virtual characters: Makene, Efe, Noor, Kai, Ali, Sunny and Zuri.

Each character is visually unique and comes in a variety of styles, including darker skin tones and even fake feet.

New characters will arrive for players in early December this year.

Camels In addition to voting mobs in Minecraft Live Mob 2022, the Minecraft 1.20 update also includes camels to replace live desert horses.

A camel with the ability to "accelerate" offers a more unique ride than a high jump
Camel also supports two-player mounts, a first for Minecraft mounts
Camels have many unique animations like prone
Passive Maces can be found in desert villages.

Camels are so large that hostile mobs cannot reach the player when riding
Camels can be grown using cacti.

Hanging signs. The classic symbol that has helped players identify and aim themselves in Minecraft for years is finally taking on a new form - hanging characters.

Hanging signs connect trimmed wood with screws.

Hanging signs vary from two hooks hanging from the foundation of a building, a single hook ending in a "V" hanging from a narrow structure such as a fence, and one hanging from a side of a building. Format.

Players can change the color of the hanging shield by crafting it with different types of wood.

Hanging signs are similar to regular signs when it comes to input
Cut out the shelf.

 An exciting addition is that Minecraft 1.20 is a fully functional new library with an improved experience.

The carved bookshelf can hold up to 6 books of all genres
Players actively add and remove books from the Library; No in-game UI menu.

he labels support Red Stone's interaction with comparators that can detect when books are added or removed from the shelves
Redstone allows players to create private library passages and more
The normal library remains in the game

Artifacts made of bamboo. The biggest addition to Minecraft 1.20, shown in Minecraft Live 2022, is undoubtedly a variety of crafts compatible with bamboo blocks and other types of wood.
Bamboo can be used to create uniquely designed wooden boxes for boards, stairs, gates, fences, and hatches.

There is also a special highly polished bamboo mosaic block
Players will be able to build a flat raft instead of a bamboo boat.
Rafts supports up to 2 players and chests
Features have not been revealed or are coming soon. Mojang Studios only lists features that they believe will be added to Minecraft 1.20, but there are other features not mentioned or included in this update.

The review confirmed that there are no biome updates planned for 1.20
Combat parity between Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and Minecraft: Java Edition is what Mojang Studios hopes to deliver, but it won't be in update 1.20

Mojang Studios also announced that all the features introduced in Minecraft Live 2022 are closer than players expected; This is an exciting move that goes hand in hand with the studio's renewed commitment to greater transparency and community engagement. The first image is Minecraft preview templates for Minecraft 120 is just days away from the release of the update's first four features, giving players a chance to experiment and provide feedback in record time.

Over time, Update 1.20 will likely expand with new features and content, but only when Mojang Studios is almost certain the store is almost out of stock and will reach its end. . . . Like this, Mojang Studios hopes to ease the frustration of Minecraft's long development update period by adding a host of new features to one of Xbox's best games. Minecraft 1.20 will be officially available for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and Minecraft: Java Edition in 2023.

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