Jason Sudeikis discovers the love story of his ex-fiancé on the Apple Watch


 Jason Sudeikis reportedly found out about his ex-fiancée Olivia Wilde’s relationship with Harry Styles on a forgotten Apple Watch.

The couple's former nanny has claimed in a new interview with the Daily Mail that the 'Ted Lasso' star discovered the details of their relationship on a tech device that Wilde left behind while he was doing 'Don't Worry Darling with Styles' ' turned.

Wilde reportedly left without his Apple Watch, which revealed text messages with Styles that Sudeikis accidentally found.

"Jason cried a lot, cried and cried Monday morning, November 9, when he returned from vacation for the weekend. I didn't know what had happened," the nanny said.

"After Jason got the kids ready, he went upstairs for coffee. He was crying and saying, 'He left us. He left us!' he said that

The caregiver, who helped care for the couple's two children, Daisy, 6, and Otis, 8, said Sudeikis immediately forbade the staff from listening to any Styles music in their home.

An anonymous viewer says Sudeikis, 47, was completely shocked when Wild, 38, broke up.

Jason Sudeikis would have spotted Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles' relationship on an old Apple Watch.

"My heart is breaking and I feel sorry for him," said the Watcher. He started talking to me [about her relationship with Stiles] and said, "I gave it to her first."

The nanny also claims that Sudeikis once threw herself under her car to prevent Wilde from leaving to meet the 28-year-old "Watermelon Candy" singer.

Wilde first sparked a romance with Wilde in January 2021.

"She came home and walked back and forth. She said she did it on purpose to be late to see Harry," the nanny said.
"Jason said to me, 'He made this salad and he made his special dressing and he was taking his salad to dinner with [Harry].
Wilde was seen packing his belongings from his home in February 2021 with Sudeikis.
Things finally came to a head when Sudeikis allegedly fired a daycare employee while intoxicated.
“You get your stuff and get out. Why are you texting him? The nanny said, “Jason, you're drinking and I see you're drunk. I said, 'You're angry, I'm afraid of you.

Wilde was granted legal custody of the Sudeikis children in April.

Wilde and Sudeikis broke up in 2020 after staying together for more than seven years. He refused to leave.
Things got even uglier for the exes when Wilde was publicly handed legal papers while speaking on a CinemaCon panel in April.

"Jason's actions were clearly designed to intimidate me and catch me off guard," Wilde explained, but Sudeikis never wanted the legal document to become so public. claimed that.

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