(How to Make Money on Instagram in 2023) Whether You Have 1K or 100K Followers


How to make passive income on Instagram 

we're gonna cover how to monetize your instagram regardless of how many followers you have i don't care if you have a thousand followers ten thousand a hundred thousand.

this article is going to help you make more money from instagram or start to make money from instagram for starters instagram just came out with subscriptions if you are not using this i strongly suggest you begin to implement this because it's Going to allow you to start charging for private content you heard that right you're now allowed to have a subscription on instagram so that you can hide some of your content and only show it to certain people this is instagram's way to compat people going to patreon combat people going to only fans and it is going to help you make so much more money if you get 100 people on there paying five dollars a month 10 20 a month or 500 people or a thousand People.

well then guess what's going to happen you're going to start to get passive income from videos that you can create really really short on instagram or maybe just photos that you're going to be uploading on instagram and this is a great way for you to begin to monetize instagram with a really small number of followers because at the end of the day the only thing that matters when you're doing a subscription service is that there's actually some kind of value that People are going to be getting out of from going behind the paywall.
and you need to make sure that you're implementing this into your content if you want to begin to monetize for example somebody like me might do a trend watch or something like that behind the paywall somebody that's a finance creator might do something like hey here are my top stock picks or here my top ways to analyze a trade or for fashion people you might be giving
Things away behind the paywall or whatever the case is nevertheless you guys need to be implementing subscriptions into your content because it's one of the easiest ways to begin monetizing but there are several other ways for you to monetize your instagram.

Which obviously you want so what are you waiting for go get into that the second way to be monetizing your content on instagram is through the reels bonus program they're paying creators up to thirty five thousand dollars you heard that right up to thirty five thousand dollars it starts at twelve hundred dollars a month goes up to 35 000 a month and it's incredibly simple to get into this all you have to do is be uploading reels now you do need to make Sure that you're not doing
 a few things wrong if you want to get into this program first you can only select 150 reels per month to be monetized a lot of you guys probably aren't putting out 150 reals a month so you don't have to worry about that secondly you need to make sure that you are not having posts taken down if you're getting community guidelines violations you're getting real violations it's going to impact the amount of money that you receive.

It's going to impact your eligibility to actually be in this program so please make sure that that is not happening and finally you need to make sure that if you get invited to this program you accept the invite as quickly as possible because they will revoke the invitation if you don't accept it almost immediately they're going to revoke it and that is going to be a terrible thing for you to do you can literally make 35 000 a month right now just for posting On instagram reels.

 which by the way if you're not posting on reels you're missing out on the biggest opportunity ever to grow on instagram and you're making a huge mistake stop posting igtv stop posting regular videos stop posting photos unless they're carousels and start posting reels they have more reach than any other product on instagram and they're literally paying you guys to create them this brings me to the third best way for You to be monetizing your instagram.
which is going to be through sponsored posts through affiliate marketing and through doing branded posts and this is something you guys need to be implementing but i do want to walk you through a couple things when it comes to this first and foremost there is no set pricing for how much money you should charge for a story post for a feed post what i recommend you do start as high as humanly possible and somebody asks your Fee say something ridiculous.

 say something that you would actually laugh at getting paid now i'm not saying if you have 50 000 followers ask for 50 000 because it's probably not going to happen but you guys should be asking for as much money as possible you can always negotiate down one mistake that i see so many beginning influencers make is i say hey i'm going to do this post for nothing or i'm going to do this posted close to nothing.
 and then i'm going to Get this brand to pay me a lot of money once i see how valuable i am that's never.
 going to happen you're never going to be able to walk them back up to a really high price because they're just not going to go for that good they're going to say no this is how much money we're giving you you're going to take it because we know that you've already done this for close to nothing before in the past.
 so do not make the mistake of doing that in addition you guys need to make Sure that you're selling in more than just a sponsored post selling a story post selling multiple sponsor posts you want to be able to get on a retainer you want this to be recurring revenue and best of all you want to try to get paid for your actual performance because if something's working with your audience they're going to continue coming back to you and you want to make sure that you're making as much money as you can on this for example if you're in the Travel niche.
 the finance niche the credit card niche the mom's niche there are so many different affiliate programs or sponsored posts that you guys could be doing for so many different brands and one of the easiest ways for you guys to be able to take advantages is to not only do those posts but also make sure you're building up an email list if you're also able to email people or advertise to people or even sell that as part of the brand deal you're going to Make so much more money because these brands are then going to see you as an asset and this might work out in your favor where you might become the face of something for example i helped this creator grow on instagram and guess what they're becoming the face of a new product that's going to be coming out soon and the reason that they were able to do that is because they've built up a presence within a small niche now you might think rob they only have 98 000 Followers on instagram

how much money could they possibly be making for that and trust me they're making a ton of money you guys would be very very surprised with how much money this individual is making from his small following on instagram but you can do the same exact thing if you build up a niche audience which brings me to the next point before i get into how a small niche page brings home millions of dollars a year in a dying niche quite Honestly which but before i can get into that you need to understand something if you really want to make money on instagram you don't need a huge following you don't need to be kim kardashian you don't need to be bella hadid you just need to speak to a niche you need to provide them value whether that be entertainment that could be escapism that could be actual value like how to raise your credit score .


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