Facebook asks users to activate three settings immediately


 All Facebook users should check their settings. You may be taking unnecessary risks.

There are smart features that can immediately improve your Facebook security.

With billions of people using Facebook worldwide, Facebook users are prime targets for cybercrime.

That's why Facebook has added a feature called Security Checkup to help ensure optimum security

It checks three basic settings to verify you haven't made any major mistakes
"You can use security controls to review and improve the security of your account," said Facebook.

1: To check the security check, first open the Facebook app.

2: Then tap the three letters (the hamburger icon) to go to the menu.

3: Go To settings & privacy so, afei pia settings.
4: Select Password & Security at the top of the list.


You should see an option to Review important security settings.
Click here to access the Facebook Security Checkup.

If your account is fully protected, you'll see a message at the top of the screen that says "No problems detected" 

There are three measures that can be taken to increase security.

The first is a password check to ensure you have a strong, unique login.
Then there are two pieces of evidence. This means you will get a text code to enter when logging into the app
Do not share these codes with anyone as hackers may gain access to your account.
The third and last parameter is related to communication reports.
"We'll let you know when someone logs into your account from a device or browser you don't normally use," Facebook said
You can then verify your account and log out of any suspicious app sessions.
See who is connecting from where and from what device
So, if you don't see anything, log out of your account and block all possible logins.

These settings can help keep you safe, but no system is perfect.

So, always be careful when logging into Facebook in a new location or when someone online asks for your personal information.

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